Annual Membership Application & Renewal

  • If you would like to receive our free periodic newsletter and become a paid member, our annual dues are $50 with $5 toward the annual dues of the Nantucket Civic League and the majority of the costs going to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation which maintains the firebreak on our southwestern border.  Other uses for the dues are our Annual Cocktail Party and other charitable causes that our Officers and Directors vote to support.  Please provide  us with the information below so we can be sure to include you in our periodic newsletter publications.  Your information will never be shared with outside organizations.   

After completing the information, make your annual dues payment by either: 

  • Mailing a check to:  TNCA Treasurer, POB 3144, Nantucket, MA 02584, OR
  • Paying by credit card using : Tom Nevers PayPal Link