Info Links

Transportation – Ferry schedules, online reservations – Ferry schedules, online reservations – Weather info, links to airlines – Nantucket Regional Transit Authority – shuttle bus routes and schedules now offer year-round service to our area with 2 stops in Tom Nevers.  This website provides route maps, schedules, rates and also provides information about taxi services.
Uber and Lyft – Uber and Lyft services are available year round

News & Event Calendars – Detailed events calendar with local interest articles – The Inquirer & Mirror newspaper – Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

Town Government/Non-Profits – Town Site – Depts., Bylaws, Regs., etc.  – Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Cultural – Information about the library, its programs and provides the ability to search for books and e-books and – Both offer theatrical performances including plays, musicals, comedy, live music and special events – Nantucket Historical Association and Museum – The Maria Mitchell Association creates opportunities for all to develop a life-long passion for science through education, research, and first-hand exploration of the sky, land, and sea of Nantucket Island

Health – Nantucket Cottage Hospital