Tom Nevers Civic Association Annual Meeting and Cocktail Party

Saturday July 27, 5:30-7:30pm – LOCATION TBD/RAIN DATE Sunday July 28 (same time) 

For decades, it has been our tradition for one of our neighbors to host an outdoor cocktail party at their home.  TNCA provides the cocktails, wine and beer and members bring their favorite hors d’oeuvres to share.

We are looking for one of our Tom Nevers neighbors to host this year’s annual meeting and cocktail party.  The meeting/party will be held outdoors and your TNCA Board will take care of the set up/take down/clean up so all we need is your OK!

Your TNCA Board

  • Tom Nevers Civic Association Annual Meeting – Summer 2024

As a registered non-profit, we are required to hold an annual meeting to elect officers, share information of interest to our neighborhood and review/revise bylaws, as needed.  We held this meeting in conjunction with the cocktail party and topics will be posted here once our agenda is finalized

  • Election of Officers (forthcoming in an email to paid members)
  • Financial Update
  • Status Update on Tom Nevers Field
  • Status Update on Bike Path along Tom Nevers Road
  • Status on Town Proposal to Remove Tom Nevers Beach debris
  • Other topics TBD

If you would like to receive our newsletter and/or become a paid member, our annual dues are $50 with the majority of the costs going to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation which maintains the firebreak on our southwestern border.  Other uses for the dues are our Annual Cocktail Party and other charitable causes that our Officers and Directors vote to support.  Please provide  us with your name, email address, on-island address, on-island mailing address, off-island mailing address (if applicable) and phone numbers so we can be sure to include you in our periodic newsletter publications.  Your information will never be shared with outside organizations.