Tick-borne Disease Initiative

2012 Public Symposium on Tick-borne Diseases

Symposium Agenda & Expert Presenters
Dr Malcolm MacNab, Vice Chairman, Nantucket Board of Health
Dr Margot Hartmann, CEO and President-Nantucket Cottage Hospital
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How Big Is The Problem?
Epidemiology Report
by Dr Catherine Brown, MA Dept of Public Health
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Fallacies About The Deer Ticks on Nantucket
Tick Life-Cycle Report
by Dr Sam Telford, Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine
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One Bite Can Change Your Life
Tick Protection Report
by Larry Dapsis, Barnstable County Entomologist
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Veterinary Aspects of Tick-borne Diseases
Pet Report
by Dr Scott White, Nantucket Veterinarian
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It's Not Just Lyme Disease That Should Worry You
Medical Report
by Dr John Goldman, Penn State University College of Medicine
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A Report From The Front Lines
Medical Report
by Dr Tim Lepore, Nantucket Physician
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Tick-borne Disease Committee Report to the Nantucket Board of Health and Selectmen  11/16/09 (revised 12/13/09)

Initial findings of the Nantucket Tick-borne Disease Committee
Presented by Dr. Malcolm MacNab at the 8/1/09 TNCA Annual Meeting.

TNCA Tick-borne Disease Survey Report  2/10/09