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Red Team – Open Space & Recreation

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan by exploring with the Nantucket Parks & Recreation Commission, our Area Plan's short-term and long-term recommendations for improving Tom Nevers Field, while maintaining its family-oriented focus on passive recreation.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Tom Nevers Field

  • Meet with the Director of Parks and Recreation and the Parks and Recreation Commission to discuss the Area Plan and its recommendations.

  • Present the updated version of the TNCA Position Paper on the Use of Tom Nevers Field (Appendix VIII) to the Parks and Recreation Commission for their consideration.
Progress to Date
Discussions have been held with Parks & Rec about funding the removal of the dangerous concrete and iron debris along the Tom Nevers Field shoreline, remnants from the days of the old Navy Base.  Agreement is also being sought on the need for a long-term master plan for Tom Nevers Field; a plan that optimizes the location, respects the uses by the year-round population, and explores safe and creative use of the space.

Red Team Members
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Joe Hale

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