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Orange Team – Circulation

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan with initiatives in three key areas: 1. Reducing Aircraft Noise, 2. Adding a Bike Path, 3. Expanding NRTA Bus Service.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Aircraft Noise

  • Publish information frequently in the TNCA Newsletter about how to report aircraft noise complaints, the weather and traffic conditions that affect traffic patterns, and trends in compliance with the voluntary noise abatement routes.

  • Encourage residents to attend Noise Advisory Committee meetings and Airport Commission meetings.

2.  Bicycle Path

  • Formally request that the Town move up the Tom Nevers Road bicycle path on its priority list and that construction be divided in to two phases - Milestone Road to Old Tom Nevers Road, and Old Tom Nevers Road to Tom Nevers Field.

  • Request that the overhead utility lines along the East side of Tom Nevers Road be placed underground as part of the bicycle path project.

3.  NRTA Bus Route

  • Formally request that a bus route down Tom Nevers Road be established as soon as funds are available.
Progress to Date
We’re happy to report progress in all three of our focus areas:
  • Reducing Aircraft Noise — Significant progress has been made.  All air taxis are now flying noise-abatement routes and overall noise complaints are down 85% from 2008.

  • Adding a Bike Path Along Tom Nevers Road — While still years away in the Town’s funding priorities, key Town departments have been made aware of our Area Plan’s request that a bike path along Tom Nevers Road be given higher priority.  Interim solutions are also being discussed.

  • Expanding NRTA Service into Tom Nevers — NRTA is in agreement with our goals, but awaits further funding to implement service into Tom Nevers.  Funding for one additional bus and one additional driver is required.
Orange Team Members
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Joe Horodyski
Marlys Horodyski
Deb Bruen
Ray Bruen

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