Area Plan Implementation Teams

Grey Team – Housing

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan with initiatives to head-off secondary-dwelling over-development through a win-win program that provides potential tax incentives to property-owners who voluntarily place restrictive covenants on their rights to add secondary-dwellings. Also, minimizing zoning violations through improved ways to report potential violations and track their enforcement.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Secondary Dwellings

  • Explore the concept of restricting secondary development rights on a voluntary basis through the use of a covenant with various conservation agencies, consistent with the 2006 ballot initiative, and determine the process to value such a "gifted" covenant.

  • Gather relevant Internal Revenue Service information about deducting the value of development rights and share the information with other interested neighborhoods.

2.  Zoning Enforcement

  • Discuss the Tom Nevers perception of the problem with responsible Town employees to see what suggestions they have.

  • Investigate establishing a local "clearing house" to report and track reported zoning violations.
Progress to Date
The current slow-downs in the real estate market and in the construction industry abate, at least temporarily, our secondary-dwelling over-development concerns.  As a result, first priority is being given to our focus on minimizing housing zoning violations—particularly occupancy overcrowding in employer-owned and rental housing and violations in the form of adding un-permitted structures that are potentially out of compliance with zoning regulations.

Using the Town’s existing Zoning bylaws as its basis, an easy-to-understand "Zoning Guidelines for Residential Properties in Tom Nevers" will be drafted, reviewed with the Town’s Zoning Compliance Officer for accuracy, and then posted on our Tom Nevers website.

To resolve problems, a formal complaint process will be developed to let abutters alert the Grey Team to a potential violation.  If the Grey Team concurs, the TNCA board will be asked to attempt to resolve the problem with the property-owner but failing that, issue an official complaint to the Zoning Department.  Throughout the entire process, the complaining abutter will be kept informed of the status.

Grey Team Members
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Ralph Mueller
Alice Giancola

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