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Green Team – Natural & Cultural Resources

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan by working with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Nantucket Land Bank to make their properties even greater assets to the Greater Tom Nevers Area. More specifically, exploring with the NCF our Area Plan's recommendations to make their properties more accessible (walking and horse trails, bike paths, limited unpaved parking) and our Plan's recommendations to gradually reestablish the sand plain grasslands through selective cutting and controlled burning of invasive species. And with the Land Bank—exploring our Area Plan's recommendations on ways to improve beach access across their properties.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  NCF Properties

  • Meet with Nantucket Conservation Foundation executives to discuss the Area Plan in general and the following recommendations in particular—clearing of walking paths, horse trails and unpaved bicycle paths; creation of limited unpaved parking areas; a program of brush cutting and controlled burns to reduce invasive species, reestablish sand plains grasslands and reduce fire hazards.

2.  Land Bank Properties

  • Meet with the Land Bank executives to discuss the Area Plan and this recommendation.
Progress to Date
We’re happy to report progress in two areas:
  • A 4-foot wide nature trail has been cut across Nantucket Conservation Foundation land to give us a walking/bike/horse path from the end of Gloucester Street southwest to the Mellon property.  This connects with an existing trail off Milestone Road to give us a new pathway from Milestone Road to the ocean.

  • Come spring, a new walking path will be cut from Tom Nevers Road to the repositioned NRTA bus stop on Milestone Road.  This will give walkers and cyclists a safer and shorter link to NRTA.
Green Team Members
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Nancy DiGiulio
Jeff Lockhart
Kathy Baird
Bob Blumenberg
Jake Jacobson

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