Area Plan Implementation Teams

Gold Team – Land Use

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan to keep our land use patterns largely unchanged and working with the Town's Roads & Right-of-Way Committee to assure that our existing paper roads contribute to improved beach access and neighborhood fire protection.

Land Use Conclusions & Recommendations
1.  The overwhelming desire of the current residents of the Greater Tom Nevers area is to keep the area as it is now. Therefore, no immediate actions should be taken that would cause major changes to the area at this time.

2.  The current LUG-3 zoning should not be changed.

3.  Existing paper roads should be reviewed as part of a comprehensive planning process and those that have a clear public benefit, such as providing access to the beaches or providing for fire protection, should be retained. The remaining roads should be returned to the tax rolls after appropriate action by Town Meeting.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Right-of-Way Improvement

  • Approach the Town Roads and Right-of-Way Committee [current Chairperson is Allen Reinhard] to determine how best to include the Tom Nevers effort in the Nantucket Town and County Right-of-Way Improvement Plan. Volunteer the Tom Nevers Area as a testing ground for the Town and County Plan.
Progress to Date
We’ve had extensive discussions with the "Roads & Right-of-Way Committee" regarding their priorities in Tom Nevers. And currently, they’re in negotiations with the property-owners at the end of Wanoma Way to clarify public beach access rights.

Gold Team Members
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Liz Trillos
Karen Welsch Felton
Greg Felton
Jim Hashim
Peggy Hashim
Claire Seaquist

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