Area Plan Implementation Teams

Brown Team – Economic Development

Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan with initiatives to maintain the residential character of our neighborhood by assuring that home-based businesses are kept fully aware of their need to meet all the regulations and standards specified in existing Town bylaws.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Home-Based Businesses

  • Draft guidelines that include the following home-based businesses: camps, day care centers, cooking or food smoking operations, landscaping, and construction.

  • Meet with the responsible Town employees to obtain their input and recommendations.

  • Communicate these guidelines and recommendations to Tom Nevers property-owners through the TNCA newsletter.

  • Review existing Town bylaws to determine if, when a special zoning variance is granted for a business, that variance expires when the business is closed. If the existing bylaw is unclear, prepare an article for a future Town meeting to have the variance expire either when the business is closed or the property is sold.
Progress to Date
Employing a plan similar to the Grey Team’s, our Brown Team will draft an easy-to-understand "Zoning Guidelines for Operating a Home-Based Business in Tom Nevers." and institute a formal complaint and review process.

Brown Team Members
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Dix Shevalier
Richard Heffernan
Bob Hestwood

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