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Team Focus
Implementing the Greater Tom Nevers Area Plan with initiatives in three key areas: 1. Road Maintenance, 2. Water Quality, 3. Fire Protection.

Action Steps to be Taken

1.  Maintenance of Dirt Roads

  • Contact island contractors to obtain rough estimates to grade the Tom Nevers West roads.

  • Publish the contractor's information in the TNCA newsletter to facilitate the formation of local committees to deal with road maintenance.

2.  Groundwater Protection

  • Collect the information related to groundwater protection and provide it to property owners through the TNCA newsletter.

  • Contact the Nantucket Landscapers association and request that they provide similar information and recommendations to their customers in the Tom Nevers Area.

3.  Water Testing

  • Contact the University of Massachusetts field station to develop a detailed plan for testing water quality in the Greater Tom Nevers Area and coordinate this plan with the appropriate Town agencies.

  • Solicit volunteers to participate in the plan and to collect and process the samples.

  • Publicize the results of the sampling efforts regularly in the TNCA newsletter.

4.  Fire Protection (Water Supply)

  • Contact the Nantucket Fire Department and request that they review the existing sources of water for fire protection and recommend additional supplies, where needed, in the Greater Tom Nevers Area.

  • Solicit volunteers in each local area to publicize the recommendations from the Fire Department, examine possible sources of funding, and implement those recommendations for which funding is available.
Progress to Date
We’re happy to report progress in three of our areas of focus:
  • Road Maintenance — Property-owners along some of our dirt roads have already begun to form informal associations, getting together to deal with improved road maintenance on their streets.

  • Water Quality — Sarah Oktay of the UMASS Nantucket Field Station has agreed to design and implement an ongoing water-quality testing and monitoring program for us in Tom Nevers.

  • Fire Protection — The Nantucket Fire Department has confirmed that we have a fully adequate water supply to meet our fire protection needs in Tom Nevers. (e.g., their large capacity pumper trucks, their water-pumping stand in Tom Nevers Pond, our hydrant on Wood Hollow Road, plus water mains along Milestone Road.  In addition, a new water main close to ‘Sconset will add further redundancy.)
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