About Us

What is the TNCA?

The Tom Nevers Civic Association is the "official neighborhood organization" of the Greater Tom Nevers Area—giving voice to our members' concerns at the Local, Town, County and State levels. With a volunteer board and volunteer officers, elected by our members, our singular focus is in shaping the outcomes of key decisions that will directly affect the quality-of-life and property values in the Greater Tom Nevers Area. And in this we are succeeding. With nearly 600 members, our collective voice is being heard loud and clear and is making a real difference.

Founded in 1976, and the official area representative in the Island-wide Nantucket Civic League, the Tom Nevers Civic Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization under IRS Code 501(c)(4).

Officers & Directors

TNCA Officers – 2012-2013
President – Dual Macintyre
Vice President – Jack Warner
Treasurer – Steve Roethke
Secretary – Randy Ringer

TNCA Directors
Kathy Baird, 2014
Karl Smith, 2013
Robert Hestwood, 2015
Anne McAndrew, 2014
Ralph Mueller, 2015
Dix Shevalier, 2013
Robert Lucas Fischer, Director at Large

The Area We Cover

Geographically, the Greater Tom Nevers Area is one of the largest neighborhoods on Nantucket. It encompasses more than 3,000 acres, with 5 ˝ miles of open beaches, and with extensive areas under conservation protection. It stretches from the western boundary of 'Sconset to the eastern border of Nantucket Memorial Airport and from Milestone Road to the Atlantic Ocean on the south.

Click here for a GIS map of our neighborhood

The Greater Tom Nevers Area is now home to nearly 600 families, with more than 30-percent of them year-round residents. All of the streets listed here are included in the Greater Tom Nevers Area:

Tom Nevers East
Chuck Hollow Road
Crestwood Circle
Flintlock Road
Green Hollow Circle
Heath Lane
Jonathan Way
Longwood Drive
Lyons Lane
Parson Lane
Sandpiper Road
Sandsbury Road
Whitetail Circle
Wood Hollow Road

Tom Nevers West
Arlington Street
Berkley Street
Clarendon Street
Cornwall Street
Dartmouth Street
Devon Street
Driscoll Way
Exeter Street
Fairfield Street
Gloucester Street
Huntington Street
Ipswich Street
Kendrick Street
Marion Street

Tom Nevers Central
Tom Nevers Road

Tom Nevers South
Bosworth Road
Chershire Road
Dorset Road
Elliott's Way
Hampshire Road
Hollister Road
Lyford Road
Marcus Way
Mayhew Road
Nichols Road
Old Tom Nevers Road
Surrey Avenue
Sussex Road
Van Fleet Circle
Wanoma Way

Madequecham West
Hinsdale Road
Madequecham Valley Road
New South Road
Russell's Way
Waquoit Road
Wigwam Road
Wright's Landing

TNCA By-Laws